Specstrip (Pty) Ltd

Welcome Specstrip (Pty) Ltd

Specstrip is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Afmetco group, which owns a wide range of companies and has “Eurosteel” trading and distribution branches all over Southern Africa.  Specstrip specialises in a wide range of carbon steel products (see capability list).  Afmetco’s various subsidiaries produce and/or trade in Stainless Steel coil, sheet, tube and rod, Aluminium coil and sheet, laser/plasma cutting, roll-forming, etc. 
Specstrip produces and processes the full range of carbon steels, including Spring Steel (high carbon steels, both soft annealed and hardened & tempered), Tinplate and Galvanised coil.  NOTE: Specstrip is the only company in the country that can “Roll” steel thinner to produce Temper Rolled Steel – both carbon steel and stainless steel harden when rolled thinner.
Specstrip also processes customers’ own material for outside companies, including Berrick Trading (another Afmetco subsidiary) which supplies the full range of Stainless Steel coil and sheet.     
Accordingly, the list of capabilities applies to both Specstrip, Berrick and Customers’ Own Material (COM) – i.e. both ferrous and non-ferrous steels. 

Specstrip’s processing capabilities are as follows:

Primary Slitting up to 27 ton coils, up to 1350mm wide, from 0.21mm thick up to 5.0mm thick;
De-coiling to sheet with really good accuracy up to 1350mm wide, from 0.4mm thick up to 2.0mm thick;
Re-slitting coils from as narrow as 3.5mm wide up to 1350mm wide, from 0.14mm thick up to 5.0mm thick;
Rolling coils thinner to produce exact thickness and hardness tolerances, from 5mm wide up to 375mm wide, from 0.14mm thick up to 5mm thick;
Flatbar from 5mm wide up to 350mm wide, from 0.2mm thick up to 4.0mm thick.  Flatbar can have bevelled edges on request;
Round Dressed Edging coils from 5mm wide up to 50mm wide, from 0.5mm thick up to 4.5mm thick;

CONFIRMATION:  Specstrip currently has significant spare capacity.